Biocompatible, hypoallergenic & beautiful. Three reasons to try Titanium jewellery today.

All of our jewellery is 100% hypoallergenic and made of commercially pure titanium. So if you are one of many who are unfortunate enough to suffer from a metal allergy, this guide is for you.

Allergic skin reactions to costume jewellery and even precious metals are actually very common, but fortunately this is not something we have to tolerate. There is a solution.

Titanium is a biocompatible metal, also known as hypoallergenic which means that it is less likely to cause a reaction. Just to be absolutely clear, it is not guaranteed to be 100% effective for everyone, but it is the safest metal available, and it’s even used in the human body to replace bones.

If you’re trying titanium for the first time, you could begin cautiously with something very lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times. We recommend Titanium Ball Studs which are available in two sizes; 5mm and 3mm. The titanium pins are approximately 12mm long and have been paired with a unique titanium butterfly to give the perfect hypoallergenic solution to ball stud earrings. We offer a range of stunning colours which are achieved through a process called oxidisation. Colour does not affect the hypoallergenic qualities of the item. The colours are a natural oxide layer achieved by passing an electric voltage through the jewellery. This is a process done by hand. Each piece is then cleaned in water. So the colouring is not a coating or additional layer, unlike a plating. Each colour is as hypoallergenic as the next. To revitalise colour over time, simply wash with warm soapy water and try with kitchen towel.

If you know that you have severe reactions to metal coming into contact with your skin, you  may wish to try a larger piece away from the ear such as a titanium chain or bracelet. We offer a Skin Friendly Guarantee where we will issue a full refund to you if it’s not working out for any reason. This gives our customers absolute peace of mind, taking the worry out of trying titanium for the first time, or any time for that matter.

The best time to try a new piece of jewellery is now. As a small manufacturer, we keep some items in stock but usually make each piece up when the order comes in. By creating each piece especially for you, the quality of our product is superior to offshore manufacturers and the service is exemplary.

After years of avoiding jewellery, swapping to titanium has allowed some of our customers to be able to wear jewellery again. By trying titanium jewellery you could benefit from wearing one of the most comfortable and practical metals in the world.

Try titanium today. If you have any questions, please email us any time.

What is hypoallergenic jewellery? (Our 5 proven benefits of Titanium)

Colouring Titanium from TouchTitanium

What is hypoallergenic jewellery?

Hyopallergenic jewellery is a unique class of jewellery which is less likely to cause an allergic skin reaction when worn for prolonged periods of time. There is no exact defined measurement for the word 'hypoallergenic' but the qualities of hypoallergenic jewellery are essential for people with sensitive skin to continue to express theselves by enjoying the jewellery they love.  Although other metals can be classed as more hypoallergenic and less likely to cause a reaction, Gold, Silver, Platinum and even Stainless Steel may all still cause reactions to some wearers. And this is why we specialise exclusively in titanium jewellery, which makes one of a kind.

Titanium is the hypoallergenic solution

Did you know, Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of all other metals (45% more tensile strength than Steel to be precise!). Within the jewellery trade, titanium's best traits are exemplified by its hypoallergenic qualities, meaning that it is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction when in close contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time.

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We’re all about Titanium!

We're all about Titanium! on

It's true that Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio in the world (45% more tensile strength than Steel to be precise!). We have come to associate the metal with high performance uses where durability and reliability are required; Aircraft manufacture, performance sporting accessories, protective equipment and bionic instruments to name a few. However, one of the most incredible traits of Titanium is it's ability to live and work in harmony with the human body. Conventional jewellery made from metals such as Silver, Nickel, Copper and Tin, all have a certain level of risk involved. The effects that these metals can have on the skin can sometimes be alarming; red rashes, skin sores and prickly spots. To read more about this topic, please visit our About Us page.

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