New hypoallergenic jewellery

As designers and creators, we are constantly innovating with titanium to bring new hypoallergenic jewellery to our customers. Our timeless, hypoallergenic pieces are made to address the comfort and wearability of jewellery for those who are sensitive to most metals.

Find out what makes Titanium so unique

We work with titanium for a number of reasons. This incredibly unique metal makes spectacular jewellery whose characteristics are unmatched by other metals. We keep our designs simple, comfortable and innovative, each made with an appreciation for sensitivity. Our whole range is 100% hypoallergenic, reassuringly high quality and created by hand in Great Britain - and that makes us one of a kind. So, what makes titanium so unique?

Strength With 45% more tensile strength than steel, Titanium has the highest strength to density ratio of all metals. This makes it great for slimline wedding bands and wirework earrings. Our products produced in the 80s are still going strong!
Resilience Titanium is resistant to sea water and chlorine which makes it great to wear on your ears, in the shower, in the bath, or even in the pool if the butterfly's are secure. Titanium wedding rings are also an excellent choice.
Bio-compatibility All our jewellery on is hypoallergenic and safe to wear for everyone, no matter what age or skin colour. Titanium is safely used in medical applications every day, often to substitute parts of the human skeleton, in hip replacements, for instance. The blend of qualities (strength and weight) are unique to Titanium, making it a truly amazing metal.
Scratch resistance Titanium is more scratch, dent and wear resistant than other metals in its class. Again, this is a great quality for titanium wedding rings.
Colour Unlike other metals, titanium can be coloured using water and electricity (watch our video) to achieve a glorious rainbow effect which - if designed well - will last the test of time and restore to its full glory with a wash in soap and water.