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Titanium jewellery, 100% Hypoallergenic and handmade in Great Britain

A beautiful curated range of high quality titanium jewellery made for men and women. Enjoy our unique and colourful titanium earrings, designed and handmade in Great Britain. Shop for quality titanium wedding rings, cufflinks, hypoallergenic necklaces and bracelets with free UK delivery available. Skin friendly jewellery has never been easier for you to experience. We’re open for business as usual and delays are not expected.

Designed for sensitivity

Our designs are simple, comfortable and colourful; handmade in Great Britain. Reassuringly high quality with an appreciation for both sensitivity and style, working exclusively in Titanium.

Allergy-safe & honestly sourced

We take every precaution to ensure that all of our high quality products are hypoallergenic, safe to wear and honestly sourced. We know what's important.

Spend £30 for free delivery

We use Royal Mail Recorded delivery, free with a £30 spend! Your package is delivered quickly and securely, with no fuss, because that's how online shopping should be.

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Quality hypoallergenic titanium jewellery, lovingly handmade in the UK. Innovative styles, designed for comfort & made to last. Try our colourful light-weight earrings for something totally unique. Shop mens titanium wedding rings, titanium cufflinks, titanium necklaces, chains and more.

How we colour titanium jewellery

The colours are actually a natural oxide layer, achieved by passing an electric voltage through the jewellery by hand, and then cleaned in water. It is not a coating or additional layer. Each colour is as hypoallergenic as the next. All colours are equally skin-friendly. Colouring titanium is undoubtably an art. Much like a family secret passed down through generations, the exact colour hue's in our range can only be recreated by a handful of skilled artists around the world.

What is hypoallergenic jewellery?

The word 'hypoallergenic' is a specialist term used to describe an item as being less likely to cause allergic reaction. There is no defined measurement for the word but our team take it very seriously nonetheless. Read more here. 

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel and even Stainless Steel can cause reactions. This is why we specialise exclusively in Titanium, and that makes us one of a kind.

Quick delivery, beautiful jewellery.
Five Star Customer Reviews
"Exactly what I was in need of. I really struggle with earrings as they irritate my skin. But I wear these 24/7 and no problems."
Five Star TrustPilot Reviews
"I’ve had lots of nice compliments about these earrings. Very easy to wear."
Five Star Product Reviews
"I bought these studs for my sister’s birthday. She’s had such trouble in the past, allergic reactions to most earrings. She hasn’t had a reaction since she switched to titanium. Thank you!"
Five Star Hypoallergenic Reviews