We’re all about Titanium!

We're all about Titanium! on TouchTitanium.com

It's true that Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio in the world (45% more tensile strength than Steel to be precise!). We have come to associate the metal with high performance uses where durability and reliability are required; Aircraft manufacture, performance sporting accessories, protective equipment and bionic instruments to name a few. However, one of the most incredible traits of Titanium is it's ability to live and work in harmony with the human body. Conventional jewellery made from metals such as Silver, Nickel, Copper and Tin, all have a certain level of risk involved. The effects that these metals can have on the skin can sometimes be alarming; red rashes, skin sores and prickly spots. To read more about this topic, please visit our About Us page.

More about our unique hypoallergenic metal

Discovered in the 18th century and aptly named after the 'Titans' - Greek Gods who ruled the world - Titanium has many incredible qualities which complement jewellery making. 

Incredibly strong & light 45% more tensile strength than Steel, Titanium has the highest strength to density ratio of all metals
Widely used in industry Resistant to sea water and chlorine
Bio-Compatiable 100% hypoallergenic and safely used in medical applications every day
Hard-wearing More scratch, dent and wear resistant than other metals

The Titanium colour spectrum

The vibrant colours of our products are produced using a process called anodic oxidation. Practically any hue can be achieved by passing an electric voltage through the metal in a controlled environment. Although the process still remains extremely specialist, our workshop have remained the most experienced and equipped in the United Kingdom for over 30 years. Our colouring process is undertaken patiently and carefully, by hand, using custom built equipment which was designed and built specifically for the task. 

Titanium Colour Spectrum

We're one of a kind

We design and make high quality, honestly priced, hypoallergenic jewellery.
Supporting local trade is important to us, this is why all of our products are handmade in the UK.
We are the UK hypoallergenic jewellery specialists, and this makes us one of a kind.

Our jewellery

We specialise solely on selling 100% hypoallergenic products. It is important to us that when materials other than Titanium are featured, the design of the item still captures the qualities of a truly hypoallergenic solution.


Finishing Options

We offer a range of finishing options and we list each item in all finishes available. Our cufflink range is a great starting point to see the types of finishes we offer.

  • Polished: Shiny finish with glossy¬†finish
  • Brushed: Polished with a fine wire wool for a smooth¬†texture
  • Hammered: Distinctively textured with a mottled effect achieved by hand¬†
  • Engraved: Intricate details set in to the shape of the piece can also be coloured
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